I'm Aylin Sevgili  – a life-stylist and creative consultant from Washington D.C that created this whole mess (good-kinda messy). My primary experience lies in events, fashion, brand development, social media, and design. I've worked in many sides of the industry – from sports to entertainment to fashion and e-commerce. Big brand names like Badgley Mischka, Corona Extra, Cirque Du Soleil, and The Washington Redskins to name a few. Now I know what you're probably thinking, "did she just name a fashion designer, one of the biggest brands in the country, a football team, and a circus?" yes, yes I did. If it's something that intrigues me or excites a lot of others, in the words of Weezy, "the sky's the limit." 

In addition to my work, I also write a lot about my experiences trying new restaurants (I love to eat) and chronicle my experiences traveling and checking out new places around the country. 

Those who I've previously worked with could probably tell you I also I take my job hosting events pretty seriously & have gained some respect around town for throwing "one heck of a party." 

I'm always sharing what has most recently grabbed my attention on Instagram and through doing this have also found a part-time career as a professional Instagram "caption-ator" (free of charge!) 


What is SEV Cities? A culture created in the nations capital that consists of young, working professionals, with a knack for good fun and a desire to join a social scene that's nothing short of exciting. Additionally, through collaborating with different visionaries, tastemakers and 'day-dream do-er's', SEV Cities helps act as a guide for those wanting to be in the know.


For those seeking innovative ways to capture, create, refresh, evolve, or transform a brand image, the following are a few ways we can help ya out:

  • 'SEV' Styling for People, Places, Events & Other Related Concepts
  • Creative Consulting
  • Social Media Influence & Marketing
  • Unique Branding & Promotional Strategies
  • Event Planning & Coordination

And if none of the above touched on what you came here looking for, feel free to ask!


Our events aim to bring attendees a social scene like no other at the hottest venues in town. After carefully choosing the right location, our team begins brainstorming different ways to make the party a unique experience. 95% of the props, decorations, and things attendees see/do at a SEV soiree are made by Sevgili and her team (& soon will be available for purchase!)  What to expect at our events? 


As style seekers and life enthusiasts, our finds, flare, and overall taste evolve on a daily basis. New, unique, and creative concepts are born each and every single day, but when something captures the curiosity of a creative, it's fascinating – and an idea we're dying to share.  Specifically, since the word "style" means something different to each individual, the following "F Words" just about sum up (almost) everything we do:

  • Fun - Entertainment, Events, & Travel
  • Food - Top Spots, Hot Spots, Food & Drink
  • Fitness - Concepts, Classes, Diet & Nutrition
  • Fashion - Trends, Taste, & Looks We Love 


Coming Soon! Soon you'll be able to browse our new shop to find items off of our Instagram & other stuff that we've previously featured at our events & in our web posts. Happy Shopping!