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Pro-Pot Organization Plans To Give Out 4,200 Free Joints At The Presidential Inauguration

Pro-Pot Organization Plans To Give Out 4,200 Free Joints At The Presidential Inauguration



"no dad I was already thinking about going to the inauguration the free pot thing has nothing to do with my decision to take my apartment off AirBnB..."



The Nations Capital Will Be LIT (Literally) During Trump's Inauguration

The DC Cannabis Coalition is inviting everyone to a pro-pot protest, titled #Trump420, where they'll be passing out 4,200 free joints to be smoked during the Presidential inauguration. 

On the morning of January 20th, Washington, D.C.'s leading marijuana advocacy group, plans to march towards the National Mall alongside thousands of others to make sure the new President-elect prioritizes making America get baked again! According to DCMJ's website, the goal of #Trump420 is to peacefully push the soon-to-be President towards legalizing marijuana in all 50 states:

"We will gather on the west side of Dupont Circle at 8am for coffee & tea and parade down to the National Mall at 10am. Along the way we’ll hand out 4,200 joints of legally grown cannabis! At 4 minutes and 20 seconds into President Trump’s speech we’ll light up! (unless President Trump comes out now in support of full cannabis legalization in all 50 States and DC!)
We legalized cannabis in Washington, DC and we are not going to let anyone take that away from us!
This is an outreach opportunity to show President Trump’s supporters we are the marijuana majority! Join us for smokin’ fun time!"




Is Getting Stoned At The National Mall Really Risky?

DCMJ actually played a major role in helping write the law that made Cannabis legal in Washington D.C., so you should feel pretty safe in their hands. The group will be check IDs at the initial meet location in DuPont Circle to make sure all attendees are 21+ and keep organizers in line by making sure nobody get's their hands on more than one ounce of marijuana at a time.

(gooooood luck guys)


So To Conclude Our Conversation About The Kinda Controversial Cannabis Crawl That's About To Take Place In Two Weeks.... 

Anyone that's lived in Washington D.C. for over a year can tell you that a big majority of D.C. residents have some sort of clearance, affiliation, or job working for the government. We're not saying everybodyyyy does, but there are A LOT of people that live here that do. Which leads us to wonder, who can you see walking out with weed that day? Our money's on it being a pretty even split between the super serious pro-potestors and the more frugal folks that are really just stoked about getting stoned fo free that day. 

Regardless of the outcome, it'll without a doubt be interesting to watch this entire thing play out. Not to mention.....FOURRR THOOOOOUSAND TWOOOOO HUNNNNDREEEDDDDDD JOINTS.

At least we KNOW a handful of folks will feel much more at ease with all the awkwardness out of the air.

Ugh, why can't everybody just get a bong...



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