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Starbucks Increased their Prices? 10 Local Coffee Shops that are way better

Starbucks Increased their Prices? 10 Local Coffee Shops that are way better

Starbucks prices went up yesterday - and people aren't happy about it.

A spokesperson for the caffeine king said customers will pay up to 30 cents more on "select sizes" and drinks starting July 12th. The news came one day after CEO Howard Schultz announced that Starbucks will be giving all of their employees at least a 5% pay raise. Pretty cool? Yes. However, loyal fans of the caffeine chain would probably tell you Starbucks has been raising their drink prices on the low-low every year, since 2013.

So was Schultz's raise announcement great timing or just an attempt to combat the future wrath of tired/grumpy customers? The world may never know! Regardless of whatever the reason in timing may be, farewell to you beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte! Washington D.C. has plenty of solid coffee shops to choose from so it's time for us to move on with our lives. Here are just a few of our current favorite coffee placeZzZzZ to help us take over the world:


MAKETTO |  For The Coffee Drinker That's MacBooking Until Dinner

Wifi:  Yes

FYI: They serve Vigilante coffee here and make a mean Cortado. If you work up an appetite, try the fried chicken.

Address: 1351 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002   



PHILZ COFFEE |  For the Coffee Drinker That Just Discovered Caffeine (Beginner Level) 

Wifi: Yes

FYI: No expresso shots here and definitely not the right coffee shop if you're trying to wake your ass up STAT.  Order the mint mojito and try the best almond croissant in the universe if you're eyeing the pastries. 

Address:  Adams Morgan - 1827 Adams Mill Road NW  /  Navy Yard  - 1331 4th St SE



THE COFFEE BAR |  For The Iced Coffee Drinker

Wifi: Yes  S St.  /  No  17th St.

FYI: If you like trying new stuff, TCB is a multi-roasting shop that constantly switches up their coffee beans. They also make an awesome dirty chai and like the description says above - you really can't go wrong with ordering just a regular iced coffee here. 

Address:  1201 S St NW or 1200 17th St NW


PINEAPPLE & PEARLS  (The Cafe) |  For The Undercover Foodie Coffee Drinker

Wifi: N/A

FYI: The second restaurant from the Roses Luxury group so you know everything here has to be pretty damn good. P&P has two sections - an $$$$ restaurant in the back and a small cafe/coffee shop located at the front. Order an expresso or chai latte and try the pineapple roll. 

Address: 715 8th St SE



LA COLOMBE |  For The Coffee Drinker Who Appreciates A Good Mug Shot

Wifi: No

FYI: The 924 location is sorta hidden in Blagden Alley (see below) but that certainly doesn't mean people don't know about it. Try whatever coffee they have on tap currently and add hemp milk - you won't regret it. 

Address: 924 Rear N St NW or 900 6th St NW


SLIPSTREAM |  For The Indecisive Coffee Drinker

Wifi: Yes

FYI: Order the coffee flight seen below, it will actually give you wings. Happy hour specials on coffee, cocktails and food items every day between 3pm and 7pm.

Address: 1333 14th St NW


THE WYDOWN COFEE BAR |  For The U Street Coffee Drinker

Wifi: No

FYI: The iced Americano is money honey and pastry-wise their scones are arguably the best in the city.

Address: 1924 14th St NW



BAKED AND WIRED |  For The Coffee Drinker That's Not Dieting

Wifi: No

FYI: Try coming here mid-week if you're in a rush, there's a long line out the door on weekends. Order the Americano Black if you're serious about putting that extra pep in your step.

Address: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW



A BAKED JOINT |  For The Coffee Drinker That Can't Start Their Day Without Breakfast

Wifi: No

FYI: They have Nitro coffee here..I repeat they have Nitro Coffee. What's so good about Nitro Coffee? It's smooth, it's creamy, and it's usually on tap at coffee shops that have it. Also, the biscuit sammie sandwich is served 7 days a week and might be the greatest breakfast sandwich in town. 

Address: 440 K St NW


NORTHSIDE SOCIAL COFFEE & WINE |  For The Coffee Drinker That Wants To Sit Outside

Wifi: Yes

FYI: Yes, Northside is in VA but if you're looking for the best place to grab coffee with outdoor seating, this is it. Try the vanilla latte or dirty soy masala chai latte. 

Address: 3211 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201


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