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A Straight Forward List of 35 Places Worth Getting Ready to Go Out

A Straight Forward List of 35 Places Worth Getting Ready to Go Out

The frequently asked fatal question --- Where should we go out? 

Now thats a tricky one. It's hard to narrow down that answer right away because your likes and my likes could be way off, bars also f-r-e-q-u-e-n-t-l-y have on and off nights, and what may work for one group could be a total flop for another...nobody told you to pick the speakeasy off our list to celebrate your 21st birthday brahh. 

So when it comes to narrowing it down to try and find the right spot, you should first ask yourself the following 3 things:

1. Who you’re going to be with (+ the size of your group)

2. What exactly you want (vibe you're looking for, purpose, occasion, etc.) 

3. What day of the week it is

With hundreds of bars in the D.C. Metropolitan area we're narrowing it down to our top 35 favorite places right now and answering the 3 questions above about each. 

+  a short description of the current status of each neighborhood, and a dance category as well **untza untza untza untza** ...satisfaction hopefully guaranteed!

Adams Morgan  -  The Once-Every-Few-Months Strip of Bars That's Still Heavily Populated With Jumbo Slice Fanatics & College Kids


Jack Rose - 25+ Nicely Dressed Crowd, Group Friendly | Solid Scotch & Whiskey Options, Good For a Going Away Party or Coworkers Birthday|  Busy Scene Upstairs Fri-Sat Nights

Johnny Pistolas - College Crowd, Group Friendly  |  Big Dance Floor, Where You're Most Likely To Make Out With a Total Stranger|  Bumpin' on most Thurs-Sat Nights

Dupont  -  The Old Go-To Neighborhood Before U Street Became The Place To Be


Mission - Group Friendly | Shameless Sloppy Dancing, Lot's of Tequila Options |  Good Happy Hour,  Bumpin' on Most Fri/ Sat Nights

Sauf Haus Bier Garden - Nice-Casual, Mid-Twenties Crowd, Group Friendly  |  Indoor Beer Garden, Rooftop Vibes, Communal Tables |  Solid Scene on Fri Nights & All Day Saturday


Glover Park  -  Aka The Closest We'll Get To Going Out Around Georgetown (for now...)


Town Hall - Georgetown/ Preppy Crowd, Group Friendly  |  Massive Outdoor Patio  |  Good Scene Outside on the Weekends

H Street  -  Where You're Least Likely to Run Into Everyone and Their Mothers


Copycat Co. - Cool Crowd, Not Good for Groups of 5+ People |  Intimate, Craft Cocktails, Where to Take your Tinder Date  |  Upstairs is Crowded Most Nights, Late Night Munchies (or Drunk Munchies After Little Miss Whiskey's)

Little Miss Whiskeys  |  Fun, Hipster Crowd  |  Dance Floor Upstairs, Alcoholic Slushies on Deck , Cash Only Divey Feels (ATM inside) |  Busy on the Weekends

Logan Circle  -  Nightcrawlers with Trendy Taste and Restaurants Worth Expanding Your Waist


Back Jack - Nice-Casual Dress, Group Friendly  |  Indoor Bocce Court  |  Friday Nights, Happy Hour Sunday 3-10PM

Barcelona - Nicely Dressed, Attractive Crowd  |  Great People Watching, Where to Get Tapas & Wine, Swanky Outdoor Patio |  Packed on Most Nights That End With Y (Make RSVP!)

Churchkey - Hip, Beer Loving Crowd, Not Always Ideal for Groups of 6+ People  |  50 Drafts & 500 Bottles of Beer on Deck (Seriously)   |  Steady Crowds on Most Nights, Usually Busy Fri-Sun

Pearl Dive - Nicely Dressed, 9-5 Crowd  |  Patio Drinking  |  Busy Bar Scene Wed-Sun

Shaw  -  Gem City B**ch, Hidden Gem City B**ch


Columbia Room - Chic-Trendy, Business Professionals, Not Ideal for Big Groups |  Garden Patio Goals, Craft Cocktails, Cool Private Tasting Room  |  Steady Crowds on Most Nights

Dacha Beer Garden - Good Mix of Hipsters and None-Hipsters  |  German Beer Garden, Outdoor Picnic Tables, Insta-Worthy Mural Art  |  The Place to be Anytime it's Really Nice Out

U Street-  Where You'll Spend 89.9% of Your Time Drinking


Archipelago - New! Cool-Casual Spot |  Happy Hour, Insta-Worthy Tiki Drinks |  Good Fridays Nights and After Work on Most Weekdays

Brixton - Nice-Casual Crowd, Great for Groups  |  Rooftop Vibes, Where You'll Celebrate Most of Your Friends Birthdays  |   Long Lines on Fri/Sat Night

Cork Wine Bar - Hipster, Wine Drinkers| Great for Conversations You Can Actually Hear and People Watching |  Good Crowd Thurs-Sat 6-10 PM

El Rey - Hipster-Casual, Big Group Friendly  |   Mexican Beer Garden in a Shipping Container (not joking)  |  Bumpin' Bar Scene Fri-Sat Nights

Hawthorn - Mid-Twenties Crowd, Not Ideal for Groups of 10+ After 11 P.M. |  Rooftop Goals  |  #BUSYAF on Weekends

Local 16 - Mid-Twenties Crowd, Good for Groups |  Rooftop Bar  |  Better Weekend Brunch Vibes Than Nightlife Vibes **Inserts Keeping it 100 emoji**

Nellies -  Gay Bar, Great for Groups  |   Drag Events, Bingo Nights, Brunch & Rooftop Vibes  |  Busy Almost Every Night

Provision 14 - Popular Hangout for the 25-35 crowd, Great for Groups  |  Second Floor is the Ultimate Restaurant/Bar/Lounge Hybrid on Weekends  |  Busy Most Nights & Really Busy on Weekends

Quarter + Glory - Not Good for Really Big Groups |  Relaxing Ambience,  Where to Grab Cocktails Before Going Out  |  Good Crowd Friday Nights or After Work 

Radiator -  New! Older-ish Crowd, Trendy Spot |  Solid Outdoor Patio, Pricey Cocktails  |  Best Time To Drop By: TBD 

The Gibson - Trendy Crowd, Not Good for Groups of 6+  |  Swanky Atmosphere,  Unmarked Entrance Gives Off Speakeasy Feeeels  |   Never Not Busy Fri-Sat Nights

Takoda - Nice-Casual Dress, Good for Groups  |  Trendy Rooftop Beer Garden Close to Lot's of Other Popular Bars Around U  |  Good Scene on Fri-Sat Nights

...So You Think You Wanna Dance?


Eighteenth Street Lounge  |  Hipsters, Live Music, Rooftop, (Sometimes) A Cover Fee At The Door  |  Best Time: Wed, Fri-Sun Nights

Echostage  |  Massive Concert Venue, House DJs, Rappers, All Night Ragers  |  Best Time: Check  Their Upcoming Events Schedule Online

Flash  |  House/ Trance Music (Check Website), Rooftop  |  Best Time: Wed, Fri-Sat Nights

Lost Society  |  Cool, Loungey Vibe, House Music |  Best Time: Fri-Sat Nights

Living Room  |   Insta-Worthy Wall Art, Table Service |  Best Time: Fri-Sat Nights

POV  |  Trendy, Rooftop Club/Lounge that Overlooks The White House  | Best Time: Weekend Nights, Weekdays During an Event

SAX  |   Fancy-Shmancy Decor & Club, Live Burlesque Shows | Best Time:  Fri-Sat Nights

Town  |  Gay Club, Multiple Dance Floors  |  Best Time:  Fri-Sat Nights

Tropicallia  |  Casual, Rowdy, Loud Music  |  Best Time: Fri-Sat Nights 

U street Music Hall  |   Casual, DJ's, Live Music Shows - Purchase Tickets Online Before Going|  Best Nights: Check Their Upcoming Events Schedule Online


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