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SEV Cities Pop- Up Socials...Should The Saga Continue?

SEV Cities Pop- Up Socials...Should The Saga Continue?


Shop, Socialize, Eat, & (ad)Venture. 


But First, A quick back story:


SEV Cities launched in June 2015 & in an effort to create some serious buzz about the brand, We hosted 6 'SEV Pop-Up Socials' within a 10 month span. We iz crazy, I know, I know.


But how could we stop!? the events, AKA "our year long launch party," took off morphing into a unique social experience that drew in hundreds of 20-30 somethings around Washington D.C. who were all eager to meet new people, try new Restaurants, and hear about brands on the rise, alllllll while discovering a dope new place in the city they had most likely never been before. 


aside from the awesome venues that played host to these events, pop-up partners & sponsors included some of the best artists, photographers, Restaurants, brands, musicians, and more. How'd these collaborations Happen? We think it's safe to assume our knack for bringing the "Insta-worthy look" to life made it a no brainer for people to want to gain exposure from our in-with-the-times-attendees, especiallyyyy since creatives all knew the importance & major impact social media had on consumers during this day and age. 


trendy tastemakers came out to strut their stuff to a 'no-baby, no real responsibilities yet' audience and seriously, who could blame em'? These collabs worked for everybody and they forever transformed sEV socials to become a more tailored, unique, experiential gathering, that everyone involved would benefit from even long after the party was over. 


The Curious, Creative, And Cool-Seeking Crowds were all about being introduced to new people/brands while discovering "off the radar" spots right in their own city. covering all of our bases, we somehow had mastered socializing, eating, and adVenturing.....all under the same roof. 


there was a big plus to our crowd of people too, the majority of our attendees were all really outgoing and Genuinely Interested in meeting others. The combination of Social butterflies all in one room and our knowledge about a few groups who dropped hints of meeting one another through greek life or other organizations -- the draw to our events from the guests Perspective became really clear too. the popular 'pay for your friends' concept didn't appeal to these working 20-somethings anymore. SEV Cities Required NO Group Membership Fee, No Monthly Dues, And No VIP Concierge Card to join. Individuals came out because they were open to meeting new people without having any sort of label or commitment to the group. thats not to say the pop-up events were Completely free of charge, the socials were ticketed events, but all priced affordably (including freebees + food) ranging anywhere from $10-$15 at most....The Same Price Of Cover At popular area nightlife destinations like Flash And ESL


Sooo, What The Hell Happened?


to keep it real with our readers...No doubt, the events brought brand awareness to the city (which was the initial goal.) Not to mention, NOBODY thought SEV Cities would be written about in the press before the websites 1 year anniversary benchmark *que flashback to celebratory kitchen dance parties.* What I had initially thought was going to become "a website my friends and family would check from time to time" turned into a platform/ Millennial muse on it's own (....Also in part due to the fact that i can't take myself Seriously enough to say that i'm aiming to be a "blogger.")


though The best part about this entire thing was that we made a lot of new friends last year. meeting people outside of our network who we may have never encountered before was Pretty freaking cool, annnnnnd also what SEV Cities has always been about.


So putting the positives aside, the real reason we went mum on events is because they took up a lot of time, energy, and they weren't very "budget friendly" either. If I, Aylin Sevgili, were a trust-fund kid, I'd love to be the female Gatsby of Washington D.C., throwing big lavish events just for the sake of everyone else's happiness, how awesome would that job title be? However, the reality of the situation is not as Glamorous as it might always seem; student loans aren't sexy, car payments aren't very cool, and the cost of living in the DMV is #expensiveAF (as most of you already know/can relate with.) And if that wasn't enough of a reason, the website wasn't always up to date like I would've liked, producing content became less consistent (especially around the time of an event), and the overall big picture of the brand started to feel kinda fuzzy.........especially after i got an email one time asking what my wedding planning rates were. "Wait, what...?"


But now, 6 months after our last event -- due to the nature of it's previous popularity / high demand from a few of my closest peers (you know who are) we're bringin sexxxy events baaack.


Events won't happen as frequently as they were before, but you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be seeing something popping up sometime soon!


just with one Additional rule this time around: 

there's a zero Tolerance policy for bad vibes or any argumentative talk. Positivity is POWER people, so be nice to one another & let's pass that s**t on!




-   V  I  D  E  O  S   -



APRIL 16 2016

Location: Lab 1270 @ Union Market   




JANUARY 9 2016

Location: L2  





Location: VIDA Penthouse



JUNE 27 2015 

Location: The Speak


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